TS_families: Time Series Families

Description Usage Format


The function that computes the samples will use keywords to select a relevant part from the list TS_families. The idea is that this should help document all the parameters used in the sampling procedure, such that proper calls can be stored that later on can be resurrected if a reproduction of the computation is desired.




A list of lists, the names at the top-level will be used as "keys" that selects the relevant sub-list. The sublists contanins the parts fun, package, args, size_name and method, as described below:


The name of the desired function, as a character-string.


The name of the package that contains fun, as a character-string.


A list containing the default arguments to be used in fun. Reminder: In order for the package to compile, it might be necessary to quote the list if there are references to packages not imported into this package.


The name of the argument of fun that specifies the number of samples to be created.


A character string that has to be specified if fun needs to be "extracted" from some deeper level of package. Simply drop this part when it is superfluous.

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