Man pages for LDalby/ralmass
Functions to Prepare and Analyze Data for and from ALMaSS

AppendWorkDirAppend work directory paths
CalcDistToRoostsCalculate the distance from fields to goose roosts
CalcFlockSizeFitCalculate the fit of the simulated flock size distribution to...
CalcForageDistFitCalculate the fit of the simulated forage distance...
calc_habuse_fitCalculate the fit of habitat use frequencies
CalcNoHunterFitCalculate the fit to the number of hunters per farm
CalcOverlapCalculate the overlap of kernel densities
calc_weight_fitCalculate the fit of the simulated weights to the weights...
CheckDensityCheck densities of hunters per farm
CheckFarmRefFreqCheck the frequency of farm reference numbers
CheckRotationCheck crop rotations
ClassifyFieldsClassify fields based on the last digit in the farm reference...
ClassifyHabitatUseClassify animal habitat use
ClassifyPrevCropClassify Veg type based on the previous crop with respect to...
ClassifyVegTypeClassify Veg type with respect to geese forage
CleanAPIDataClean the API field data
CleanAttrTableClean attribute tables written from ArcGIS.
CleanSoilTableClean soil type tables written from arcpy.
ConvertGameTypeConvert numeric game type to character
ConvertParamConvert ALMaSS config parameter to a meaningful character...
ConvertSimDaySupply the calendar date from a sim day
ConvertVegPhaseConvert numeric vegphase to its character name
EditBatEdit bat file or shell script
EditConfigEdit config file
EditHunterInputEdit input file for the Hunter model
EditIniEdit ini file
find_closestfind_closest finds the nearest roost
FixSeparatorRemove comma as thousand separator
GenerateParamsGenerate a range combinations of paramter values
get_func_respget_func_resp Return value from functional reponse
get_input_numbersGet total number of geese entering the simulation
GetLengthOfStayGet the length of stay of geese in the simulation
get_monthGet month from julian date or day in year
GetParamStringGet the string of a config variable
GetParamTypeAdd type to input parameter string
GetParamValueGet the value of a config variable
get_weekGet week number from julian date or day in year
PlotAORPlot the AOR index
PlotEnergeticsPlot energy output from the ALMaSS Goose Management model
PlotGooseForagePlot forage available to geese
PlotGooseHabitatUsePlot goose habitat use
PlotGoosePopulationPlot goose population data
PlotProbe0Plot results from probe0
PlotTerritoryProbePlot results from the TerritoryProbe
PlotVegDumpPlot ouput from VegDump
PlotWeatherPlot an Almass weather file
polyrefExample of an attribute table exported from ArcGIS
RuleSetPrintPrint rule set number and description
StoreResultsCopy and datestamp result files
SummarizeCIPESummarize output from the CIPEgrid probe
SummaryAttrTableSummary statistics for an attribute table
tidy_aorTidy the standard AOR output
UtmToALMaSSConvert UTM coordinates to ALMaSS map coordinates
WriteAlmassInputWrite input file to ALMaSS
WriteHunterHomeLocsWrite hunter home location file
WritePolyrefWrite polyref file
WriteReclassTableWrite reclass table
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