Man pages for LTLA/SingleCellExperiment
S4 Classes for Single Cell Data

altExpsAlternative Experiment methods
applySCEApplying over parts of a SingleCellExperiment
assaysNamed assay getters and setters
colLabelsGet or set column labels
colPairsColumn pair methods
combineCombining or subsetting SingleCellExperiment objects
defunctDefunct methods
internalsInternal SingleCellExperiment functions
LEM-combineLEM combining methods
LEM-getsetLinearEmbeddingMatrix getters/setters
LEM-miscMiscellaneous LEM methods
LEM-subsetLEM subsetting methods
LinearEmbeddingMatrixLinearEmbeddingMatrix class
miscellaneousMiscellaneous SingleCellExperiment methods
reduced.dim.matrixThe reduced.dim.matrix class
reducedDimsReduced dimensions methods
rowPairsRow pair methods
rowSubsetGet or set the row subset
simplifyToSCESimplify a list to a single SingleCellExperiment
SingleCellExperimentThe SingleCellExperiment class
sizeFactorsSize factor methods
splitAltExpsSplit off alternative features
swapAltExpSwap main and alternative Experiments
unsplitAltExpsUnsplit the alternative experiments
updateObjectUpdate a SingleCellExperiment object
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