updateObject: Update a SingleCellExperiment object

updateObjectR Documentation

Update a SingleCellExperiment object


Update SingleCellExperiment objects to the latest version of the class structure. This is usually called by methods in the SingleCellExperiment package rather than by users or downstream packages.


## S4 method for signature 'SingleCellExperiment'
updateObject(object, ..., verbose = FALSE)



A old SingleCellExperiment object.


Additional arguments that are ignored.


Logical scalar indicating whether a message should be emitted as the object is updated.


This function updates the SingleCellExperiment to match changes in the internal class representation. Changes are as follows:

  • Objects created before 1.7.1 are modified to include altExps and reducedDims fields in their internal column metadata. Reduced dimension results previously in the reducedDims slot are transferred to the reducedDims field.

  • Objects created before 1.9.1 are modified so that the size factors are stored by sizeFactors<- in colData rather than int_colData.


An updated version of object.


Aaron Lun

See Also

objectVersion, which is used to determine if the object is up-to-date.

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