Man pages for LosevAMU/remapR
Bioinformatic tools to transform ReMap-data in R

arrayIntersectionsCounts array of intersections of Cis-regulatory elements...
bedToRDataBed to RData
combineRDataCombines a lot of files .RData in one file
DFrameToIRangeDataFrame to IRange
divideByChromosomeDevides by chromosomes
downloadBedFileLoads file from URL to tmp
fetchCellSelect cell line
fetchCellDFrameSelect cell line
fetchCellFilesSelect cell line
fetchCoordsSearch by address
fetchCoordsDFrameSearch by address
fetchCoordsFilesSearch by address
fetchIDSelect ID
fetchIDDFrameSelect ID
fetchIDFilesSelect ID
fetchTFSelect TF
fetchTFDFrameSelect TF
fetchTFFilesSelect TF
fractionCellTFFraction of factors of the dominating cellular line
frequencyTFHow many regions contain the factor
hiAnonymeVerification of loading of package
inventarisationPath to choosen set
loadFromUrlToTmpLoads file of listing remapR from URL to ~/tmp
makeAnnexeCounts MACS-peaks on chromosome
makeRandomSetConstructor of random set
makeSummarySeriesCounts some total information
powerPeaksNRHow many MACS-peaks are in region for given TF
remapRremapR: package to deal with ReMap
TFBSCREs for given TF
TFBSsOnChromosomeCREs for given list of TFs
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