Man pages for LucasBusta/phyloChemistry
Chemical and Sequence Analyses in a Phylogenetic Context

alignSeqsAlign sequences
alignSmilesAlign a matrix of parsed SMILES
barsCalculates mean and standard deviation
blastTranscriptsBLAST seach local transcriptomes
buildTreeCompute various types of phylogenetic trees for various types...
drawAlignmentGenerate a multiple alignment graphic using ggplot
extractORFsImport chemcial data
fadsArabidopsis QTL data on gravitropism
getNCBISeqsDownload sequences from NCBI
getTranscriptomesDownload transcriptomes
loadChemistryImport chemcial data
loadSeqlistParses and binds a seqlist to a phylochemistry object
loadTaxaLoads taxonomical data and a phylogenetic tree into a...
normalizeNormalizes a vector of numbers to a range of zero to one.
parseSmilesparse SMILES notation
readSpectraImport mass spectral data
subsetSummaryImport chemcial data
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