Man pages for Lululuella/OVESEG
OVESEG-test to detect tissue/cell-specific markers

countBTRNAseq count data downsampled from GSE60424
nullDistriProbability of one group being upregulated under null
OVESEG-packageOVESEG: A package for marker gene test.
OVESEGtstatOVESEG-test statistics
OVEtstatPermTopMOVESEG-test statistics after permuting top M groups
pairwise_tstat_unscaledpairwise t-statistics (unscaled)
patternDistriProbabilities of all upregulation patterns
permfuncInternal function for one permutation task
postProbNullPosterior probabilities of each component null hypothesis
pvalueWeightedEstp-value by weighted permutation scheme
RocheBTmRNA expression data downsampled from GSE28490 (Roche)
row_minmin value for each row
row_which_maxwhich.max for each row
shuffle_topmShuffle the top M groups
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