Man pages for MRCIEU/epigraphdb-r

api_get_requestWrapper of httr::GET that handles status errors and custom...
api_requestThe very general wrapper from EpiGraphDB endpoint request
confounderMR evidence on confounding traits between exposure and...
drugs_risk_factorsDrugs for risk factors
epigraphdb-packageepigraphdb: EpiGraphDB
flatten_responseFlatten the "results" field from an API response to a tibble...
gwas_corGWAS correlations between traits
http_conditionModified httr::http_condition
literature_mrLiterature evidence regarding MR
mrReturn information related to Mendelian Randomisation
obs_corObservational correlations between traits
ontologyOntology association between EFO term and Gwas
pathwayPathway evidence
pipePipe operator
pqtlReturn information related to the pQTL analysis
pqtl_listReturn a list of all proteins/exposures or traits/outcomes...
pqtl_pleioReturn information related to the pleiotropy of SNPs
pqtl_tableReformat reponse from pQTL results into a table
query_epigraphdbSend data request to an EpiGraphDB API endpoint
xqtl_multi_snp_mrMulti SNP QTL MR evidence
xqtl_single_snp_mrSingle SNP QTL MR evidence
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