Man pages for MalteThodberg/APhunteR
Find Alternative Promoters in CAGE data

APclassifyClassify genes based on types of APUs
APfitFit GLMs at the gene and promoter level
APtestPerform test for APU
exampleDataPlaceholder example data
plot.APclassifyPlot APU classification results
plot.APfitPlot basic statistics for a single gene
plot.APtestPlot DE statistics for a single gene
print.APclassifyPrint basic info about APclassify
print.APfit#' @export print.APfit <- function(o) message("APfit object...
print.APtest#' @export print.APtest <- function(o) message("APtest object...
singleClassifyInternal function: Classify single contrast
singleContrastInternal function: Test single contrast
stackLegendsInternal function: Plot a ggplot2 legend over multiple colums
stackPlotsStack multiple single gene plots
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