Man pages for MangoTheCat/rcloud.solr
Provide Solr Search and Indexing to RCloud

batch_notebooksAllocate IDs to batches
build_commentsRetrieve comments for a notebook and prepare for solr
build_update_metadataBuild the Metadata for a Notebook Update
index_allIndex all RCloud Notebooks
parse.solr.resParse the result from a solr search
rcloud.searchSearch RCloud Notebooks Notebook Search
sc_check_errorsStop and return errors
sc_get_rcloud_sourcesRetrieve Solr Sources From RCloud Config
sc_merge_resultsMerge Raw Results
sc_schema_versionGet the schema version
sc_searchMain search interface
SearchControllerSearch Controller
SearchSourceSearch Source
SearchSourceV1Search a Version 1 Source
solr.delete.commentDelete Comment from Index
solr.delete.docDelete Notebook from Index
solr.getA GET interface to search solr
solr.get.genericA generic get request
solr.modify.commentModify Index for a Comment
solr.postPost Request to Solr a New Comment POST interface to search
ss_join_docs_highJoin the grouped documents to the highlighted documents
update_batchUpdate index for a batch of notebooks
update_solrUpdate the index after a notebook change
update_solr_idRetrieve notebook by id and update solr
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