Man pages for ManuelGoepferich/LINC_before_DEVEL
annotation of noncoding RNAs and coexpressed genes

Arith-methodsPlus Operator '+' In 'LINC'
BRAIN_EXPRmRNA Expression Of Normal BRAIN From GTEX And TCGA
clusterlinc-methodsCluster Queried ncRNAs Based On Their Interaction Partners
featureManipulate Objects Of The 'LINC' class
getbio-methodsFind Enriched Biological Terms For A Cluster
getcoexprGet IDs For Co-Expressed Genes from The 'LINC' Class
getlinc-methodsSubsetting for 'LINC' objects
justlinc-methodsCo-Expression Analysis Of ncRNA Genes In One Step
LINCbio-classClass '"LINCbio"'
LINCcluster-classClass '"LINCcluster"'
LINCfeature-classClass '"LINCfeature"'
LINCmatrix-classClass '"LINCmatrix"'
linc-methodsCompute A Correlation Matrix of Co-expressed Coding And...
LINCsingle-classClass '"LINCsingle"'
linctable-methodsWrite To Table 'LINC'
overlaylinc-methodsCompare Two Lists Of Biological Terms In A Plot
plotlinc-methodsPlot Objects Of The 'LINC' class
queryclusterCluster One ncRNA Gene Based On Its Co-Expression in Multiple...
singlelinc-methodsCo-Expression Analysis Of A Single ncRNA Gene
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