Man pages for MarkPlatts/mser

calc_avgCalculates the mean of y_val by strategy
calc_prob_belowCalculates the proportion of models for each strategy that go...
create_tableCreates a single column of values that can be merged to form...
get_areaGet Area
PlotBoxplotPlots a box plot
PlotMSETitle Plot MSE Plugin Results
PlotTimeseriesPlots a time series
save_table_pdfSaves the table to
WrangleBoxplotAAVCalculates the Average Annual Variation in y_val
WrangleBoxplotMeanCalculates the mean of the data.tables y value grouped by...
WrangleBoxplotProbabilityCalculates the probability of y_val going below bref grouped...
WrangleTimeseriesAnnualChangeCalculates the annual variation of the y_val grouped by...
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