Man pages for Marlin-Na/TnT
Interactive Visualization for Genomic Features

composite-trackComposite Track
knit_print.TnTBoardPrinting TnTBoard in Rmarkdown
mapcolScale Qualitative Values to Color
range-TnTBoard-methodRange of TnTBoard
range-TnTTrackRange of Tracks
saveTnTSave a TnTBoard to an HTML file
seqinfoSeqinfo of TnTTrack and TnTBoard
strandlabelDisplay Labels with Strand
TnT-shinyShiny bindings for TnT
tooltipAccess Track Tooltips
track-constructorsTrack Constructors
trackdataAccess Track Data
tracklistTrack List in TnTBoard
trackSpecTrack Spec
trackWidgetConvert a TnTBoard to htmlwidget
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