Man pages for MiguelRodo/ggboot
Bootstrap univariate and multivariate plots

assignGraphParSet ggbootMV graphical parameters.
assignSelAxisIndVecAssign selected column indices to
calcAxisPredCalculate axis predictivity
calcBCaACalculate acceleration factor, a, for BCa bootstrap...
calcBCaP0Calculate p0.
calcBCaZ0calculate z0
calcBCaZ0BootCalculate z0 from bootstrap data.
calcBFCalculate maximum Bayes factor.
calcBiplotBootstrap PCA biplot statistics
calcBootSampleGroupMVBootBootstrap location measure.
calcCalValCalculate calibration values.
calcEllipseCalculate ellipses
calcGroupEllipseCalculate bivariate normal contour for groups.
calcGroupMVBootBootstrap location measures for a single group.
calcIndMVBootBootstrap location measure.
calcLUCalculate number of unique vector elements.
calcMinMaxCalculate min and max
calcMVCalculate information required for plotting PCA biplot with...
calcMVBootBootstrap location measures for multiple groups.
calcPCACalculate PCA and associated statistics.
calcPWCompute pair-wise comparisons estimates and bootstrap...
calcRoundPropVarReturn proportion of variation explained.
calcUniqueCombnCalculate unique combinations
centreAndScaleCentre and scale a dataframe.
correctBHcorrect using bh procedure
fullSplitFuncSplit by vaccine within a specified splitting vector.
getLocFuncReturn the selected location function.
getSelAxisIndReturn the column indices with given variables names.
ggbootMVmv med plot info func
ggbootPWPair-wise comparisons plot
ggbootUVUnivariate bootstrap plot
helloHello, World!
llbFuncCalculate the 2.5 llbFunc(x) x
mvEllCalcFuncmv med ellipse calc func
plotCompQualComponent-wise axis predictivity plot.
plotCumQualPlot cumulative axis predctivity
sortTblFuncSort a table in some way.
sub_second_halfSubtract second half of a vector from the first.
uubFuncCalculate the 97.5 uubFunc(x) x
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