Man pages for MultinomialMutations/MultinomialMutations
Fast multinomial regression for large cancer mutation datasets

add_countsAdding pseudo counts to the number of mutations
add_counts_pres_mutAdding pseudo counts to the number of mutations
cancermutationsMutations in tumor DNA
chrom21Chromosome 21 for multinomial regression
count_table_prep_multinomCount table for multinomial regression
deviance_lossDeviance loss function for multinomial regression
fast_multinomFast multinomial logistic regression on large and sparse...
make.bdiagFunction to make a block diagonal matrix from a quadratic...
mimpMultiple imputation for count data
nested_sum_contrastsSum contrasts for a nested factor
nested_treatment_contrastsTreatment contrasts for a nested factor
poolingPooling for multinomial regression
predict.fast_multinomPrediction method for fast_multinom fits
sumstats_origComputing simple summary statistics on the original data
wrapper_fast_multinomWrapper for the function fast_multinom
wrapper_lossWrapper to estimate the deviance loss by cross-validation
wrapper_multinom_dataprepWrapper for the preparation of mutation data for multinomial...
wrapper_prior_pseudo_countsWrapper to add prior pseudo counts to the mutation data
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