Man pages for NightingaleHealth/ggforestplot
Forestplots of Measures of Effects and Their Confidence Intervals

df_demo_metabolic_dataSimulated Metabolic Data
df_grouping_all_NG_biomarkersExample of Biomarker Grouping Data Frame for All Nightingale...
df_linear_associationsLinear Associations of Blood Biomarkers to BMI, HOMA-IR and...
df_logodds_associationsOdds Ratios of Blood Biomarkers with Incident Type 2 Diabetes
df_NG_biomarker_metadataInformation and Grouping for Nightingale's Blood Biomarkers
discovery_regressionExploratory Analysis
forestplotDraw a Forestplot of Measures of Effects
geom_effectHorizontal Study Effects with Confidence Intervals
geom_stripesAlternating Background Colour
ggforestplot-packageggforestplot: Forestplot Visualizations.
ng_colourNightingale's colours
ng_paletteNightingale's colour palettes
ng_scaleColour scale constructor for Nightingale colours
plot_all_NG_biomarkersPrint a Forestplot for All Nightingale Biomarkers
theme_forestForestplot Theme
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