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Algorithms for dimension reduction


To install from GitHub:

install_github("Displayr/flipDimensionReduction", dependencies = NA)

If you have not set up a GitHub Personal Access Token, you will likely need to do so to avoid GitHub rate limits, which will manifest as 403 errors when downloading packages via install_github. Please see the documentation in the usethis package or see the instructions here and here.

If you are using Windows, you will need to have a version of Rtools installed that matches your version of R in order to build packages from source. Rtools can be downloaded from here.

Specifying dependencies = NA in install_github will not install packages listed in Suggests in the DESCRIPTION file (some of which may be proprietary and unavailable for download).

Submitting a bug report

If you encounter a problem using the package, please open an issue. To achieve a resolution as quickly as possible, please include a minimal, reproducible example of the bug, along with the exact error message or output you receive and the behavior you expect. Including the output of sessionInfo() in R can be helpful to reproduce the issue. Please see this FAQ, which has a number of useful tips on creating great reproducible examples.

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