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Produces normalized coordinates from a ca object.


CANormalization(ca.object, normalization = "Principal")



The object to normalize.


The method used to normalize the coordinates of the correspondence analysis (this changes the plot, but not the outputs of ca itself. The default method is "Principal", which calculates the principal coordinates (i.e., the standard coordinates multipled by the singular values). "Row principal" and "Column principal" produce the standard coordinates of the columns (rows) against the principal coordinates. "Row principal (scaled)" and "Column principal (scaled)" produce the standard coordinates of the columns (rows) scaled by the first singular value so as to appear on a similar scale to rows (columns). Rows (columns) are in principal coordinates. "Symmetrical" returns the standard coordinates multiplied by the square root of the singular values. "Inverse" takes an object specified in terms of principal coordinates and calculates standard coordinates. "None" returns the standard coordinates.

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