Man pages for OHDSI/ETL-Synthea
A Builder for Converting the Synthea Data to the OMOP CDM

backupCDMBackup Vocabulary and Event tables before pruning.
CreateEventTablesCreate Non-Vocabulary CDM Tables.
createPrunedTablesCreate pruned CDM and Vocab tables.
CreateSyntheaTablesCreate Synthea Tables.
CreateVisitRollupTablesCreate Tables for Visit Rollup Logic.
CreateVocabMapTablesCreate Vocabulary Mapping Tables.
CreateVocabTablesCreate Vocabulary Tables.
DropEventTablesDrop OMOP CDM Tables.
DropMapAndRollupTablesDrop Vocabulary Mapping And Visit Rollup Tables.
DropSyntheaTablesDrop Synthea Tables.
DropVocabTablesDrop Vocabulary Tables.
exportToSQLiteExport a CDM (Vocabulary and Event tables) into a SQLite...
getEventConceptIdGet All Concept_ids In All Event Tables.
LoadEventTablesLoad CDM Non-Vocabulary Tables.
LoadSyntheaTablesLoad Synthea Tables.
LoadVocabFromCsvLoad Vocabulary Tables From CSV Files.
LoadVocabFromSchemaLoad Vocabulary Tables From a Preexisting Schema.
pruneCDMPrune a CDM.
restoreCDMTablesRestore the CDM (undo the pruning).
TruncateEventTablesTruncate Non-Vocabulary CDM Tables.
TruncateVocabTablesTruncate Vocabulary Tables.
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