Man pages for OJWatson/paper
Demonstration of analysis associated to "paper outbreak" teaching practical

animate_infection_networkCreates interactive html file with d3 network animation
bootstrap_simulated_plotBootstrap and plot simulated epidemic
combined_plotPlot multiplot of network at 24 hour intervals with the...
daily_timeseries_plotPlot 5x1 multiplot of network at 24 hour intervals
discrete_SIR_simulatorDiscrete in time SIR simulator
epidemic_timeseries_plotPlot epidemic time series
first_infection_listFormat read outbreak dataset into first infections
generation_time_daily_plotPlot Daily Generation Time
infection_network_plotPlots infection network
offspring_distribution_plotPlot offspring distribution
outbreak_dataset_readRead in and remove sensitive data
paper.outbreak.2016Paper outbreak practical data
paramater_boxplots_plotPlot 4x1 boxplots of epidemiological parameters
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