trxread: CTrax input utility

Description Usage Arguments Details Value


Input function for .mat files generated by CTrax. Creates a list object including experimental parameters and tracking data.


trxread(trxfile = file.choose())



filename: defaults to browsing window


Uses readMat from R.matlab to read the file.

CTrax files exist in two very different formats depending on whether they have been processed through the fixerrors GUI or not. This input function can read both but some data will only be available for the latter (video info, framerate etc).


A list object containing a list of experimental details ($exp) and a data frame of tracking data ($trx). exp contains the filename and, for fixerrors-processed data, video filename, framerate, pixel size. trx always contains the same format of tracking data with the columns id, x, y, a, b, theta and time.

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