Man pages for PeteHaitch/MethylationTuples
Tools for analysing methylation patterns at genomic tuples

collapseStrandCollapse a 'MethPat' object by strand.
comethEstimate within-sample, within-fragment co-methylation using...
filter-MBias-methodFilter MBias
filterOutVariantsFilter out variants from 'MethPat' object.
findMTuplesFind tuples of methylation loci of a given size in a...
getCoverage-MethPat-methodCompute sequencing coverage of m-tuples.
MBias-classMBias class
MethInfo-classMethInfo objects
methLevelCorCompute within-sample correlations of pairs of methylation...
methLevel-MethPat-methodCompute methylation levels.
MethPat-classMethPat instances
MethylationTuples-packageTools for analysing methylation patterns at genomic tuples.
MTuples-classMTuples objects
MTuplesList-classMTuplesList objects
patternFreqsA naive estimate of the frequency of methylation patterns.
readMBiasRead Bismark's M-bias file.
readMethtupleRead '.tsv' output files from 'methtuple' software.
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