Man pages for PheWAS/PheWAS
Phenome Wide Association Studies (PheWAS)

addPhecodeInfoAdd phecode descriptions and group information to existing...
createPhewasTableCreates a phenotype table from id, ICD-9 (or phecode, etc),...
gender_restrictionData frame containing potential gender-restricted phewas...
generateExampleGenerate example data for PheWAS
mapICD9ToPhecodesMap ICD9 codes to phecodes
mapPhecodesToExclusionsMap phecodes to their exclusions
phecode_excludeDataframe containing phewas code mappings to their exclusions
pheinfoData frame containing phecode information.
phemapDataframe containing phecode mappings.
phewasFunction to perform a PheWAS analysis
PheWAS-defunctDefunct methods in the PheWAS package
phewasDTWrapper to create a browsable datatable
phewas_extFunction to perform a PheWAS analysis with multiple methods
phewasMetaPerform meta-analysis of PheWAS results
phewasMetaModelsPerform meta-analysis of PheWAS results
phewas-packagePheWAS analysis methods
PheWAS_PlottingPlotting methods for PheWAS results, phenotype association...
plinkPhewasExportExport a table for PheWAS analysis in plink
restrictPhecodesByGenderAdd PheWAS code descriptions to existing data.
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