Man pages for PuttickMacroevolution/MCMCTreeR
Prepare MCMCTree analyses

cauchyMCMCTreecauchyMCMCTree - internal function
commonAncFind Ancestral Node of a Clade
estimateBoundEstimate a Uniform Distribution for MCMCTree
estimateCauchyEstimate Cauchy Distribution for MCMCTree
estimateFixedFixed Age for PAML input
estimateGammaEstimate Gamma Distribution for MCMCTree
estimateSkewNormalEstimate Skew Normal for MCMCTree
estimateSkewTEstimate Skew-t Distribution for MCMCTree
estimateUpperEstimate Upper Age for MCMCTree
mcmcPhyOneNodemcmcPhyOneNode - internal function
nodeToPhyAdd Node Constraints to Tree in MCMCTree Format
plotMCMCTreePlot distribution from MCMCTree node estimations
readMCMCTreeRead MCMCTree output tree into R
tipDesFind Descendant Tips From A Common Ancestor
uniformMCMCTreeuniformMCMCTree - internal function
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