Man pages for RlonRyan/QuikR
Common R Utility Functions.

extractorCreate an Extractor Function
fun.arg.defaultChange Function Defaults.
fun.res.remapRemaps a functions return result format using the given...
fun.res.selectSelect Function Return Values
is.booleanBoolean Value Test if a value is a number, na, or null. if a value is numeric, na, or null.
namedUtility Value Naming Function
printfFormatted Print Function
qdeltaCompute the Delta Between Two Values
qdelta.listCompute the Delta Between Two Lists.
qdelta.numberCompute the Delta Between Two Numbers
qdelta.numericCompute the Delta Between Two Numeric Values
qdelta.stringCompute the Delta Between Two Strings
qdiffDiffs Two Values
qgenGenerates a Table
qgen.elementCreates a value to be used in a matric.
quikrQuikR: Assorted R Utility Functions
table.diffComputes the difference of two values, with the given...
vqdiffViews the Diff of Two Values
yesnoConvert a Boolean to a String
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