Man pages for SWotherspoon/SGAT
Solar/Satellite Geolocation for Animal Tracking

as.POSIXct.Pimageas.POSIXct for Pimage
chainApplyApply a function to chains
chainCodaExport to Coda
chainSummaryManipulate MCMC samples
coordGeolocation Estimation by the Threshold Method
curveModelCurve Model Structure
cut.Pimagecut.POSIXt for Pimage
EExtract-PimageExtract a single Pimage time step.
ElephantSeal1Southern Elephant seal tag data
essieCurveModelCurve Model Structures (Essie)
essieMeanEssie locations
essieRasterEssie probability rasters
essieThresholdModelThreshold Model Structures (Essie)
estelleMetropolisMetropolis Samplers
extract-PimageExtract parts of Pimage.
gcDistGreat Circle Distance
gcOuterDistGreat Circle Distance
geolightConvertConvert GeoLight Format
gpermGeneralized Array Permutation
locationImageLocation Density Image
locationRasterizeLocation Density Raster
locationSummarySummaries of Location Samples
lonlatFromCellRaster cell longitude and latitudes
makeTwilightModelTwilight Error Models
mvnormMultivariate Normal Samples
nlocationNumber of locations
parametersGammaAlternate Gamma Parametrization
PimageBin MCMC samples
Pimage-methodsGeneral methods for Pimage
refractedAtmospheric Refraction
replace-PimageSub element replacement is disallowed
satelliteModelSatellite Model Structures
SGAT-packageSolar/Satellite Geolocation for Animal Tracking
ShearwaterShort-tailed Shearwater Track
sliceLocation Density Estimates
solarSolar Time and Declination
speedGammaModelGamma Behavioural Model
subset-Pimagesubset one or more elements from a Pimage, without coercion...
thresholdEstimateSimple Threshold Geolocation Estimates
thresholdModelThreshold Model Structures
thresholdSensitivityThreshold Geolocation Sensitivity
trackBearingChangeDistance along a path
trackDistDistance along a path
trackMidptsPath Midpoints
twilightTimes of Sunrise and Sunset
twilightPairsExtract sunrise/sunset pairs
twilightResidualsTwilight Residuals
twilightResidualsMapTwilight Residuals
twilightSolartimeSolar Time of Sunrise and Sunset
wrapLonWrap Locations Around the Dateline.
zenithSolar Zenith Angle
zenithSimulateSolar Zenith and Twilight Simulation
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