Man pages for SinomeM/CNVgears
A Framework of Functions to Combine, Analize and Interpret CNVs Calling Results

chr_st_en_etcRetrieve genomic information for the major assemblies
chr_uniformUniform chromosome notation
cleaning_filterFilter CNVs calls based on several parameters
CNVgearsCNVgears: A package to analyze CNVs calling/segmentation...
CNVresults_to_GRangesCNVresults to GRanges
cnvrs_createCompute Copy Number Variable Regions (CNVRs)
cnvs_inheritanceCompute CNVs inheritance
dt_uniformUniform data i/o
genic_loadAnnotate genic load
genomic_locusRapid genomic locus annotator for CNV calls
immuno_regionsRetrieve genomic regions of consecutive immunoglobulin genes
inter_res_mergeCombine the results from multiple methods in a single object
lrr_trio_plotPlot markers raw data in a CNV region for a trio
merge_callsMerge adjacent CNV with equal Copy Number
read_finalreport_rawRead Illumina array raw data
read_finalreport_snpsRead Illumina array raw data
read_metadtRead sample file with minimal metadata
read_NGS_intervalsRead genomic intervals
read_NGS_rawRead raw copyratio/LRR data for NGS intervals
read_resultsRead CNVs calling or semgentation results
read_vcfConvert a VCF file of genomics segments into a 'data.table'
summary.CNVresultsExplore CNV calling results prior filtering
telom_centromGenerate blacklist for telomeric and centromeric regions
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