Man pages for StoreyLab/factorial-MA-RS
Draft of factorial manuscript (as a package)

add_countsAdd counts to the levels of a factor
constructPseudoR2calculate pseudo-R^2 for every row based on a dispersion...
construct_R2sconstruct R2 across all conditions
do_rowperform an operation on each line of a rowwise data frame
geom_sided_violina violin plot with two sides
inflateExpand a dataset to include all factorial combinations of one...
normalizeMatrixNormalize an RS/MA matrix according to the appropriate...
normalizeMatrix.matrixNormalize an RNA-Seq matrix
pathway30 genes involved in biologically relevant pathways
perform_edgeRPerform edgeR exact test on a matrix, given the groups
pool_matrix.matrixGiven a microarray/RNASeq matrix and a subset of columns,...
pool_matrix.RGListmethod for pooling an RGList object
prepare_SRAprepare BioSample metadata for the Short Read Archive upload
preprocesscreate R datasets that end up in the data/ subdirectory, such...
R2scompute R-squared values for many genes
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