Man pages for SydneyBioX/scClassify
scClassify: single-cell Hierarchical Classification

cellTypeTrainAccessors of cellTypeTrain for scClassifyTrainModel
cellTypeTreeAccessors of cellTypeTree for scClassifyTrainModel
dot-scClassifyTrainModelThe scClassifyTrainModel class
featuresAccessors of features for scClassifyTrainModel
getNFunction to get the required N given by the accuracy and the...
learningCurveFit learning curve for accuracy matrix
modelAccessors of model for scClassifyTrainModel
modelweightsAccessors of modelweights for scClassifyTrainModel
nameAccessors of name for scClassifyTrainModel
plotCellTypeTreeTo plot cell type tree
predict_scClassifyTesting scClassify model
predict_scClassifyJointTesting scClassify model (joint training)
runHOPACHCreate HOPACH tree
runSampleCalRun sample size calculation for pilot data for reference...
scClassifyTrain and test scClassify model
scClassify_exampleExample data used in scClassify package
scClassifyTrainModel-classAn S4 class to stored training model for scClassify
scClassifyTrainModelListThe scClassifyTrainModelList class
scClassifyTrainModelList-classAn S4 class to stored a list of training models from...
trainClassExample_wangSubset of pretrained model of Wang et al.
trainClassExample_xinSubset of pretrained model of Xin et al.
train_scClassifyTraining scClassify model
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