Man pages for TheoMichelot/localGibbs
Local Gibbs Movement Model

catToDummyCategorical to dummy covariates
compareUDCompare two utilisation distributions
HMMprobsState-dependent distributions for multistate local Gibbs
listToArrayTransform list of rasters to array
MCsampleGenerate Monte Carlo samples
n2wTransform parameters from natural to working scale
nllkLGNegative log-likelihood function for the local Gibbs model
nllkLG_normLocal Gibbs negative log likelihood (normal transition...
nllkLG_norm_rcppNegative log-likelihood for the local Gibbs model (C++)
nllkLG_rcppNegative log-likelihood for the local Gibbs model (C++)
nllkMSLGNegative log-likelihood for multistate local Gibbs model
plotRasterPlot raster with ggplot
rastRSFCalculate raster of RSF
rsfResource selection function
rsfvecResource selection function (vectorized for xy)
scalezScale Monte Carlo sample of end points
simLGGenerate track from local Gibbs model
simLG_rcppSimulation function (local Gibbs sampler)
simRasterSimulate random covariate field
simSSFSimulate from SSF
simSSF_rcppSSF simulation function (Fortin et al 2005)
simZeros_rcppSample zeros for SSF
truncgridrTruncate the sample of avilability radii
viterbiViterbi algorithm for multistate local Gibbs model
w2nTransform parameters from working to natural scale
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