Man pages for TomSmithCGAT/OptProc

addMissingSimulate missing values with mimimal assumptions
bnAdjust quantification values using bridging channels
bridgeNormaliseAdjust quantification values in MSnSet
combineTMTsetsCombine TMT sets.
getMARDObtain the Mean Absolute Relative Difference (MARD)
getOrganelleF1Plot the missing values.
getQsepDistancesObtain the QSep distances for an MSnSet with marker proteins...
getRMSEObtain the Root mean squared error (RMSE)
getTruthImputedExtract the truth and imputed values
helloHello, World!
imputeOptProcImpute missing values using either 'MSnbase::impute' or...
mbAverage the bridge sample(s) in a vector of quantification...
MeanBridgesAverage the bridge sample(s) for each feature in an MSnSet
plotMissingPlot the missing values.
plotQsepDistancesPlot the QSep distances obtained from 'getQsepDistances'
plotTruthImputedPlot the truth vs imputed
robCompImpute missing values using compositional KNN imputation
SnKnnImpute missing values using KNN imputation with prior sum...
spatial_proteomics_normaliseNormalise data using sum +/- VSN
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