Defines functions lato_install

Documented in lato_install

#' Import and register Lato font
#' \code{lato_install} tests to see if Lato is imported and registered. If Lato, isn't imported and registered, then \code{lato_install} imports and registers Lato with \href{https://github.com/wch/extrafont}{library(extrafont)}.
#' Note: Lato must be installed on your computer for \code{lato_install} to work. Lato is the Urban Institute's main font and can be installed from \href{https://fonts.google.com/specimen/Lato}{Google fonts}.
#' Test to see if Lato is imported and registered with \code{lato_test()}.
#' @md
#' @export
lato_install <- function() {
  if (sum(grepl("[Ll]ato$", extrafont::fonts())) > 0) {
    "Lato is already imported and registered."
  } else {
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