MC4_Methods: List of level 4 multiple-concentration methods for...

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mc4_mthds returns a list of methods to be used during level 4 multiple-concentration processing for calculating bmad




The functions contained in the list returned by mc4_mthds take 'aeids' (a numeric vector of aeid values) and returns a list of expressions to be executed in the mc4 (not exported) function environment. The functions are described here for reference purposes, The mc4_mthds function is not exported, nor is it intended for use.

All available methods are described in the Available Methods section, listed by the type of function and the function/method name.


A list of functions

Available Methods

Although it does not say so specifically in each description, all methods are applied by aeid.

More information about the level 4 multiple-concentration processing is available in the package vignette, "Pipeline_Overview."


bmad based on two lowest concentration of treatment wells


bmad based on two lowest concentration of nwells


This function is not exported and is not intended to be used by the user.

See Also

mc4, Method functions to query what methods get applied to each aeid

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