mc4: Perform level 4 multiple-concentration processing

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mc4 loads level 3 data from the tcpl database for the given id and performs level 4 multiple-concentration processing. The processed data is then loaded into the mc4 table and all subsequent data is deleted with tcplCascade. See details for more information.

The individual processing functions are no longer exported, as it is typically more convenient and suggested to use the tcplRun wrapper function.


mc4(ae, wr = FALSE)



Integer of length 1, assay endpoint id (aeid) for processing.


Logical, whether the processed data should be written to the tcpl database


Level 4 multiple-concentration modeling takes the dose-response data for chemical-assay pairs, and fits three models to the data: constant, hill, and gain-loss. For more information about the models see Models. When a chemical has more than one sample, the function fits each sample separately.


A boolean of length 1, indicating the success of the processing, or when 'wr' is FALSE, a list where the first element is a boolean indiciating the success of processing and the second element is a data.table containing the processed data

See Also

tcplFit, Models

Other multiple-concentration data processing functions: mc1, mc2, mc3, mc5, mc6

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