Man pages for USEPA/LakeTrophicModelling
Package to reproduce Hollister et al. (2015) Modeling Lake Trophic State: A Randrom Forest Approach.

class_prob_rfGet Class Prediction Probabilities
condAccuracyPlot conditional accuracy
crossval_rfCross Validate Random Forests to get Categorical Accuracy
density_plotdensity plot for lake trophic modeling paper
ecdf_ks_ciKolmogrov-Smirnoff CIs for a ecdf
ecor_mapCreate map of Ecoregions
getCyanoAbundPulls down cyano abundance from NLA website
importancePlotRandom Forest Variable Importance Plotting
make_ts_maphelper function to generate each map
multiplotCreate Mulitple Plots with ggplots (from Winston Chang)
nlaMapCreate map of NLA samples
partial_plotCreate parital dependence plot
plotCdfplotCDF Function to create CDFs of chla, ts, and cyano
pred_prob_mapCreate map of discrete predicted probabilities
prob_cdfFunction to create CDFs of probability for each trophic state...
scatterPlotScatterplot for hkm2014esa poster
table_to_dfconvert table to df
ts_prob_mapCreate map of trophic state probabilities
varImportanceVariable Importance Summary
varsel_plotPlot varsel_regression output
varsel_regression_rfVariable Selection with Regression RF
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