s3_put: Upload a file to S3

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Upload (create or overwrite) a file to the project bucket. Writes an indicator file exactly corresponding to the data_file path and name (but with indicator file extension).


s3_put(remote_ind, local_source = remote_ind, mock_get = c("copy",
  "move", "none"), on_exists = c("replace", "stop"), verbose = FALSE,
  dry_put = getOption("scipiper.dry_put"),
  config_file = getOption("scipiper.s3_config_file"),
  ind_ext = getOption("scipiper.ind_ext"))



character name of the indicator file to write locally, but which describes the status of the remote file once the file has been uploaded by this function. The remote data file will have a name corresponding to this ind_file (without the indicator extension, but with same path and basename).


character name of EITHER a data file to upload OR the indicator file of a data file to upload. Using the same value for both remote_ind and local_source (or setting local_source to the data file name corresponding to the indicator in remote_ind) will only work (in remake) if you are calling s3_put from within the same function that created the data_file. If instead you have separate recipes for (a) creating the original data_file, (b) posting the data_file, and (c) retrieving the data_file from S3, then the 'a' and 'c' recipes must have different targets and this function's local_source argument should match the target of the 'a' recipe while this function's remote_ind argument should match the target of this recipe (=='b') and the data_file target of the 'c' recipe. See the examples. Nonetheless, because we have commonly adopted the 2-target option where remote_ind and local_source can be the same, the default for this argument is to set local_source=remote_ind.


character. if remote_ind and local_source imply different local file locations, should the current local file (implied by local_source) be left alone ('none'), or copied ('copy') or moved ('move') to the location implied by remote_ind? If 'copy' or 'move' are used, and if gd_get will be called in an upcoming command, this argument may help to avoid an unnecessary download from S3 back to this computer because s3_get skips the download if there's already a local file in the right place with the right contents (MD5 hash).


what to do if the file already exists - replace, or throw an error? the default is to replace


logical Used in this function and passed through aws.s3::put_object to aws.s3::s3HTTP


character name of the YAML file containing project-specific configuration information for S3


the indicator file extension to expect at the end of remote_ind

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