dv.vs.pred.by.idv: Dependent variable vs population predictions, conditioned on...

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This is a plot of the dependent variable (DV) vs population predictions (PRED) conditioned by the independent variable, a specific function in Xpose 4. It is a wrapper encapsulating arguments to the xpose.plot.default function. Most of the options take their default values from xpose.data object but may be overridden by supplying them as arguments.


dv.vs.pred.by.idv(object, abline = c(0, 1), smooth = TRUE, ...)



An xpose.data object.


Vector of arguments to the panel.abline function. No abline is drawn if NULL.


Logical value indicating whether an x-y smooth should be superimposed. The default is TRUE.


Other arguments passed to link{xpose.plot.default}.


A wide array of extra options controlling xyplots are available. See xpose.plot.default and xpose.panel.default for details.


Returns a stack of xyplots of DV vs PRED, conditioned on the independent variable.


E. Niclas Jonsson, Mats Karlsson, Andrew Hooker & Justin Wilkins

See Also

dv.vs.pred, xpose.plot.default, xpose.panel.default, xyplot, xpose.prefs-class, xpose.data-class

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