Man pages for UppsalaHenrik/dismount
What the package does (one line)

assignExecutionGroupsCategorize runs in a raw results file based on minimization...
dismountWorkflowFull workflow with parallel retries, result categorization...
fileSysSetupSet up directories for a set of executions
findRawresFind the raw results csvs in a specified location
getUserSlurmQGet SLURM queue for active user
nmSaddleWorkflowFull workflow with parallel retries, result categorization...
parseNMDataFileNameParse the data file name from a NONMEM model
parseRawresParse a PsN raw results file
runDismountRun dismount (isestimable)
runParaRetriesRun parallel retries
runPrecondRun precond
runPsnCleanRun psn_clean
waitForSlurmQWait for the SLURM queue to empty
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