Man pages for ZhenWei10/meripQC
Quality control and inference for m6A-seq datasets.

Decision_infresultCalculate the decision table for a DESeq2 result.
helloHello, World!
Inference_meripAnalysis MeRIP datasets with DESeq2.
meRIP_countCount aligned reads of meRIP-seq data
meRIP_QC_reportGenerate quality control report of a single MeRIP data site.
Plot_column_jointPlot the joint distribution between matrix columns.
Plot_column_marginalPlot the column wise data distribution.
Plot_ex_lengthsPlot exon length distribution plot based on the DESeq2...
Plot_GC_columnsPlot GC content distribution of features by columns.
Plot_GC_resultsPlot GC content bias plot based on DESeq2 result.
Plot_Seq_depthBar Plot of total sequencing depth.
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