Man pages for abhik1368/netpredictor
Algorithms to search for missing link in a graph.

biNetwalkBipartite Random Walk
get.biBetweenessCentralityBetweeness centrality for bipartite graphs.
get.biClosenessCentralitCloseness centrality for bipartite graphs.
get.biDegreeCentralityDegree centrality for Bipartite Graphs.
get.biDensityGraph Density for Bipartite graphs.
get.biWeightedProjectionProjecting Bipartite Networks.
get.CommunitiesGet communities from a graph
getTopresultsGet Top Results
nbiNetNetwork Based Inference
net.perfLink Prediction Performance
NetWalk-packageLink prediction and analysis of Bipartite Networks
saveAsGEXFsave as GEXF
saveGMLsave as GML
sig.netSignificant Network
uNetwalkPerform Random walk on a Unipartite Network
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