get.biBetweenessCentrality: Betweeness centrality for bipartite graphs.

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Measures Betweeness centrality of bipartite graphs. The betweenness centrality of a vertex may be roughly defined as the number of geodesic paths that pass through a given vertex, weighted inversely by the total number of equivalent paths between the same two vertices, including those that do not pass through the given vertex. It also has way to calculate single mode betweeness centrality. Single mode centralization for bipartite graphs measures the extent to which vertices in one vertex subset are central relative only to other vertices in the same subset.This function is the adaption to bipartite graphs as presented in Borgatti and Everett (1997).





Biparite matrix object


Either TRUE or FALSE . If TRUE returns average centrality for rows and columns. If false returns betweeness centrality for all the nodes.


Betweeness centrality for bipartite graphs


Returns a list scores of closeness centrality of the nodes. By deafult SM=TRUE which return the betweeness centrality for two different sets of nodes.


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