Man pages for acidgenomics/AcidBase
Acid Genomics Base Functions

appendToBodyAppend values to function body
barcodePatternSingle-sell barcode pattern
basenameSansExtBase name without the file extension
classContainsGet the class contained in a specificed class definition
coerceToListCoerce to list
collapseToPathStringCollapse the input to a 'PATH' string.
compressCompress or decompress a file
defunctDefunct functions
dotsExtract dots from function
downloadDownload a file from the Internet
euclideanCalculate Euclidean distance
fileDepthFile depth
fileExtFile extension
forceDetachForce detach packages
genomeMetadataNamesSlot names in metadata containing genome information
geometricMeanGeometric mean
gitBranchGit branch strings
headtailReturn the first and last parts of an object
initDirInitialize directory
intersectAllIntersection of more than two vectors
intersectionMatrixIntersection matrix
lanePatternSequencing lane grep pattern
logRatioInterconvert log ratio and fold change values
majorVersionMajor version
metadataDenylistSample metadata denylist
methodDefinitionAccess the data inside an S4 method definition
metricsColsQuality control metric columns
minorVersionMinor version
missingOrNULL-classMissing or NULL class union
modifyPathStringSystem path string handlers
paramsShared parameter documentation
parentDirectoryParent directory recursion
pasteURLConcatenate strings to form a URL
printStringPrint string
rankedMatrixCalculate a ranked matrix
realpathExpress file paths in canonical form
requireNamespacesRequire package namespaces
sanitizeVersionSanitize version
semStandard error of the mean
shellInvoke a command in the system command-line shell
showHeaderHeader for object show method
showSlotInfoShow slot information
simpleClassSimple class of object
splitPathStringSplit path string environment variable
standardizeCallStandardize call
tempdir2Unique temporary directory
truncateStringTruncate a string with ellipsis, if necessary
uniquePathStringUnique path string
unlink2Delete files and directories
updateMessageUpdate message
zscoreCalculate Z-score
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