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Global Triangular and Penta-Hexagonal Grids Based on Tessellated Icosahedra

arcdistCalculation of distances along arcs
arcdistmatCalculation of distance matrices along arcs
arcpointsCalculation of points along an arc
CarToPolConversion of 3d Cartesian coordinates to polar coordinates
centers-methodsThe face centers of an icosahedral grid object
chullsphereSpherical convex hull
edgelength-methodsLengths of grid edges
edgelength-trigrid-methodsLengths of grid edges
edges-methodsThe edges of a 3d object
facelayer-classContainer for data storage using the faces on icosahedral...
faces3d-methodsMethods of 3d face plotting.
faces-methodsThe faces of a 3d object
gridgraph-methodsCreate or instantiate an 'igraph' class graph from the faces...
gridlabsLabels of grid vertices, faces and edges
gridlabs3d-methodsDisplay the names of the grid elements in 3d plots.
guides3dGuides for 3d spherical plotting.
heatMapLegendLegend for a heatmap with predefined colors.
hexagrid-classA penta-hexagonal icosahedral grid
icosaGlobal Triangular and Hexa-Pentagonal Grids Based on...
length-methodsThe length of a trigrid or, hexagrid class object.
lines3d-methodMethods of 3d line plotting.
lines3d-methods3d plotting method of a Line class object
lines-methodsLines method for the trigrid and hexagrid classes
locate-methodsBasic lookup function of coordinates on an icosahedral grid
names-methodsThe face names in a gridlayer class object
newgraph-methodsAdd an igraph object to a predefined slot in a trigrid or...
newsp-methodsAdd SpatialPolygons object to a predefined slot in a trigrid...
occupiedFaces occupied by the specified object
orientation-methodsExtracting the grid orientation
plot3d-method3d plotting of an icosahedral grid or its subset
plot3d-methods3d plotting of a facelayer of an icosahedral grid or its...
plot-methods2d plotting of a facelayer class object This function will...
PolToCarConversion of spherical coordinates to 3d Cartesian...
posPosition of face centers and vertices on a grid
replace-methodsReplacement of elements in a gridlayer object.
resample-methodsResampling of data to a trigrid or a hexagrid object.
rotate-methodsRotation method of trigrid and hexagrid objects
rpsphereRandom point generation on the surface of a sphere
SpLines-methodsSpatialLines class object from an icosahedral grid
SpPolygons-methodsSpatial polygons from an icosahedral grid
subset-methodsSubsetting an icosahedral grid
surfacearea-methodsAreas of grid cell surfaces
surfacecentroidSurface centroid point of a spherical point cloud
translate-methodsTranslating the grid object in 3d Cartesian space
trigrid-classA triangular icosahedral grid
trishape-methodsShape distortions of the triangular faces and subfaces
values-methodsExtract values from a gridlayer
vertices-methodsThe vertices of an icosahedral grid object
vicinity-methodsThe neighbouring faces of faces in an icosahedral grid
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