Man pages for adele/FamilyBasedPGMs
Methods for Learning Genetic and Environmental Graphical Models from Family Data

calculateBlockDiagonal2PhiMatrixKinship matrix of a known pedigree structure
familyBasedCITestConditional Independence Test for Family Data
learnFamilyBasedDAGsLearning of Gaussian Directed Acyclic PGMs from Family Data
learnFamilyBasedUDGsLearning of Gaussian Undirected PGMs from Family Data
plotFamilyPedigreePlotting of Pedigree Chart
scen1Simulated Data - Scenario 1
scen2Simulated Data - Scenario 2
scen3Simulated Data - Scenario 3
scen4Simulated Data - Scenario 4
scen5Simulated Data - Scenario 5
simulatePedigreesPedigree Simulation
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