scen5: Simulated Data - Scenario 5

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It contains 100 replicates of data simulated according to scenario 5, as described in \insertCiteribeiro2019familyFamilyBasedPGMs.




A list with the following elements:


A data.frame representing the pedigrees of all simulated families. It contains the columuns famid, id, dadid, momid, and sex.

A integer vector where the entry i indicates the number of individuals at family i.

A list of size 100 in which each element represents a data.frame with the values of the phenotypes X, Y, and Z for all 900 individuals.


In this scenario, the true DAG in the total, genetic, and environmental components is X -> Z <- U -> W <- Y. Since U is hidden, the true MAG is X -> Z <-> W <- Y.

It was simulated pedigrees for 30 families, each with 30 individuals (N = 900).

The same pedigrees were used for simulating 100 replicates of family data for five Gaussian phenotypes, namely X, Y, Z, W, and U. No covariates were used in the simulation.





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