Man pages for adokter/birdRad
Analysis and visualisation of weather radar data Vertical Profile Time Series to a Data Frame
basemapGrab a basemap for a ppi
beamheightRadar beam height
beamwidthRadar beam width
bindBind vertical profiles into time series objects
bioRad-packageAnalyze and visualize biological signals in weather radar...
checkDockerChecks that Docker is running
cmtCumulative migration traffic
compositeMake a composite of multiple plan position indicators (ppi...
c.vpconcatenate 'vp' objects into a 'vplist' object
dayTest a bioRad object for night time
dbz2etaConvert reflectivity factor to reflectivity
dockerflag indicating whether docker is running
download_vpDownload a set of vp bird profiles from ENRAM repository
elangleElevation angle of scan(s)
eta2dbzConvert reflectivity to reflectivity factor
fetchfetch a profile quantity
getscanExtract a scan from a polar volume
h5ODIMobjectCheck ODIM HDF5 data class
is.pvolfileCheck whether file is a polar volume
is.vpfileCheck whether file is a vertical profile
mapMap a plan position indicator (ppi)
match_filenamesMatch a set of regex expression to a list of files
mountedflag indicating whether vol2bird docker container is mounted
mtMigration traffic
mtrMigration traffic rate
nightCalculate whether it is night at a geographic location and...
plot.ppiPlot a plan position indicator (PPI)
plot.vivpPlot vertically integrated profiles
plot.vpPlot a vertical profile
plot.vptsPlot a time series of vertical profiles
ppiMake a plan position indicator (ppi)
print.paramprint method for class 'param'
print.ppiprint method for ppi
print.pvolprint method for class 'pvol'
print.scanprint method for class 'scan'
print.vpprint method for class 'vp'
print.vplistprint method for class 'vplist'
print.vptsprint method for class 'vpts'
rcsRadar cross section
rcs-setSet radar cross section
read.pvolRead a polar volume (pvol) from file
readvpRead a vertical profile (vp) from file
readvp.listRead a list of vertical profiles from multiple files
readvp.tableRead vertical profiles from vol2bird stdout
regularizeRegularize a time series
retrieve_vp_pathsCollect a list of vp file names
rsl2odimconvert RSL polar volume to ODIM hdf5 format
scan-datasetExample object of class 'scan'
sd_vvpthreshold VVP-retrieved radial velocity standard deviation
sd_vvp-setSet threshold for VVP-retrieved radial velocity standard...
sub-.ppiSubset 'ppi'
sub-.vplistSubset 'vplist'
sub-.vptsSubset 'vpts'
summary.paramClass 'param': polar scan parameter
summary.ppiClass 'ppi': plan position indicator
summary.pvolClass 'pvol': polar volume
summary.scanClass 'scan': polar scan
summary.vpClass 'vp': vertical profile
summary.vplistClass 'vplist': list of vertical profiles
summary.vptsClass 'vpts': time series of vertical profiles
suntimeCalculate sunrise and sunset
updateDockerUpdate Docker image for vol2bird
url_existenceCheck is a specific URL is existing and providing a return...
vintegrateVertically integrate profiles
vol2birdCalculate a vertical profile of birds (VPB)
vp-datasetExample object of class 'vp' as generated by 'vol2bird' or...
vptsConvert list of vertical profiles to time series ('vpts')...
vpts-datasetExample object of class 'vpts'
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