Man pages for aidanmacnamara/epiChoose

chip_rna_intTO ADD
convert_reg_matrixShrinks a regulatory data matrix to a gene matrix using the...
data_glanceGlance at data ...
dat_allThe epigenetic-gene mapping is the maximum peak across the...
dist_matComputes the final distance matrix for comparisons of choice
enrichment_testPerforms enrichment test for input genes against gene sets
get_combepiView function for scatter plot
limma_diffWhat are the features that are separating 2 groups?
make_auc_matrixMake an n*p AUC matrix for a given sample set and mark
make_count_matrixTO ADD
pca_driversTO ADD
plot_pcaTakes a matrix and label information and produces a PCA plot
prep_across_datatypesReturns the intersect of samples across all ChIP datasets...
prep_blueprint_chipTO ADD
prep_blueprint_rnaTO ADD
prep_for_plotTakes the set of all experiments and produces a data frame...
prep_rnaPrepares RNA data so it is the same shape and format as the...
quantile_normTO ADD
radio_tool_tipAdaptation of bsToolTip for radio buttons
spotfire_viewPrepares data for a scattplot of data types plotted against...
theme_thesisPlotting parameters
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