Man pages for alarconvv/geocleaMT
A Package to Clean/Test Georeferenced Data

AfricaVectorial layer: African continent
AmericaVectorial layer: American continent
AntarcticaVectorial layer: Antarctican continent
AsiaVectorial layer: Asian continent
assignElevationAssigning elevation data
ChcBiogBiogeographic Choco (Sensu: Hernandez-Camacho et al. 1992)...
checkCoordCheck coordinates
coordToCountryFrom coordinate in decimal degree format to country name...
coordToISOFrom coordinate in decimal degree format to International...
countryNamesCountries Names
countryToCentroidFrom country name to centroid
countryToISOFrom country name to International Organization for...
cutRangeSpecies on a specific elevation range
delPointsOrSpDelete some/all records of a given species
elevFromGgAssign elevation to a coordinates list
EuropaVectorial layer: Europan continent
ExampleInput file to example Rmarkdown
gbifDownSpDownload occurrences for a list of species
geocleaMTA quick summary guide of geocleaMT package
IBISlistInvasive species list
ID_DarwinCoreID Darwin Core standard
invasiveSpSeparate invasive species
ISO2ISO 3166-1 alpha-2
ISO3ISO 3166-1 alpha-3
ISOTocountryConvert from the International Organization for...
meanPropinquityMean Propinquity
OceaniaVectorial layer: Oceanian continent
pathStructureFolder structure
pointsAtSeaSeparate occurrences on Earth and at sea
readAndWriteRead and write tables
readDbBashRead database table using bash commands.
readDbRRead database table using R
splitGeorefSeparate geo-referenced records
spOutPolyObtain species outside of a polygon
stackSpJoin species files
usefulSpUseful species
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