detect.index: Calculation of the DETECT and polyDETECT Index

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Calculation of the DETECT and polyDETECT Index


This function calculated the DETECT and polyDETECT index (Stout, Habing, Douglas & Kim, 1996; Zhang & Stout, 1999a; Zhang, 2007). At first, conditional covariances have to be estimated using the function.


detect.index(ccovtable, itemcluster)



A value of


Item cluster for each item. The order of entries must correspond to the columns in data (submitted to


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Zhang, J., & Stout, W. (1999b). The theoretical DETECT index of dimensionality and its application to approximate simple structure. Psychometrika, 64, 213-249.

Zhang, J. (2007). Conditional covariance theory and DETECT for polytomous items. Psychometrika, 72, 69-91.

See Also

For examples see conf.detect.

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