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Supplementary Item Response Theory Models

automatic.recodeAutomatic Method of Finding Keys in a Dataset with Raw Item...
brm.simFunctions for the Beta Item Response Model
btmExtended Bradley-Terry Model
categorizeCategorize and Decategorize Variables in a Data Frame
ccov.npNonparametric Estimation of Conditional Covariances of Item...
cfa_meas_invEstimation of a Unidimensional Factor Model under Full and...
class.accuracy.raschClassification Accuracy in the Rasch Model
conf.detectConfirmatory DETECT and polyDETECT Analysis
data.activity.itemparsItem Parameters Cultural Activities
data.befkiBEFKI Dataset (Schroeders, Schipolowski, & Wilhelm, 2015)
data.big5Dataset Big 5 from 'qgraph' Package
data.bsDatasets from Borg and Staufenbiel (2007)
data.eidExamples with Datasets from Eid and Schmidt (2014)
data.ess2005Dataset European Social Survey 2005
data.g308C-Test Datasets
data.inv4grDataset for Invariance Testing with 4 Groups
data.liking.scienceDataset 'Liking For Science'
data.longLongitudinal Dataset
data.lsemDatasets for Local Structural Equation Models / Moderated...
data.mathDataset Mathematics
data.mcdonaldSome Datasets from McDonald's _Test Theory_ Book
data.mixed1Dataset with Mixed Dichotomous and Polytomous Item Responses
data.mlMultilevel Datasets
data.noharmDatasets for NOHARM Analysis
data.pars1.raschItem Parameters for Three Studies Obtained by 1PL and 2PL...
data.pirlsmissingDataset from PIRLS Study with Missing Responses
data.pisaMathDataset PISA Mathematics
data.pisaParsItem Parameters from Two PISA Studies
data.pisaReadDataset PISA Reading
data.pw01Datasets for Pairwise Comparisons
data.ratings1Rating Datasets
data.raw1Dataset with Raw Item Responses
data.readDataset Reading
data.reckDatasets from Reckase' Book _Multidimensional Item Response...
data.siSome Example Datasets for the 'sirt' Package
data.timssDataset TIMSS Mathematics
data.timss07.G8.RUSTIMSS 2007 Grade 8 Mathematics and Science Russia
data.treesDataset Used in Stoyan, Pommerening and Wuensche (2018)
data.wide2longConverting a Data Frame from Wide Format in a Long Format
detect.indexCalculation of the DETECT and polyDETECT Index
dif.logistic.regressionDifferential Item Functioning using Logistic Regression...
dif.strata.varianceStratified DIF Variance
dif.varianceDIF Variance
dirichlet.mleMaximum Likelihood Estimation of the Dirichlet Distribution
dirichlet.simulSimulation of a Dirichlet Distributed Vectors
dmlavaanComparing Regression Parameters of Different lavaan Models...
eigenvalues.manymatricesComputation of Eigenvalues of Many Symmetric Matrices
equating.raschEquating in the Generalized Logistic Rasch Model
equating.rasch.jackknifeJackknife Equating Error in Generalized Logistic Rasch Model
expl.detectExploratory DETECT Analysis
f1d.irtFunctional Unidimensional Item Response Model
fit.isopFitting the ISOP and ADISOP Model for Frequency Tables
fuzclusterClustering for Continuous Fuzzy Data
fuzdiscrEstimation of a Discrete Distribution for Fuzzy Data (Data in...
gom.emDiscrete (Rasch) Grade of Membership Model
gom.jmlGrade of Membership Model (Joint Maximum Likelihood...
greenyang.reliabilityReliability for Dichotomous Item Response Data Using the...
invariance.alignmentAlignment Procedure for Linking under Approximate Invariance
IRT.mlePerson Parameter Estimation
isopFit Unidimensional ISOP and ADISOP Model to Dichotomous and...
isop.scoringScoring Persons and Items in the ISOP Model
isop.testTesting the ISOP Model
latent.regression.em.raschtypeLatent Regression Model for the Generalized Logistic Item...
lavaan2mirtConverting a 'lavaan' Model into a 'mirt' Model
lc.2ratersLatent Class Model for Two Exchangeable Raters and One Item
likelihood.adjustmentAdjustment and Approximation of Individual Likelihood...
linking.habermanLinking in the 2PL/Generalized Partial Credit Model
linking.haebaraHaebara Linking of the 2PL Model for Multiple Studies
linking.robustRobust Linking of Item Intercepts
lq_fitFit of a L_q Regression Model
lsdmLeast Squares Distance Method of Cognitive Validation
lsem.estimateLocal Structural Equation Models (LSEM)
lsem.permutationTestPermutation Test for a Local Structural Equation Model
lsem.testTest a Local Structural Equation Model Based on Bootstrap
marginal.truescore.reliabilityTrue-Score Reliability for Dichotomous Data
matrixfunctions.sirtSome Matrix Functions
mcmc.2pnoMCMC Estimation of the Two-Parameter Normal Ogive Item...
mcmc.2pnohMCMC Estimation of the Hierarchical IRT Model for...
mcmc.2pno.mlRandom Item Response Model / Multilevel IRT Model
mcmc.3pno.testlet3PNO Testlet Model
mcmc_coefSome Methods for Objects of Class 'mcmc.list'
mcmclist2codaWrite Coda File from an Object of Class 'mcmc.list'
mcmc.list.descriptivesComputation of Descriptive Statistics for a 'mcmc.list'...
mcmc_RhatComputation of the Rhat Statistic from a Single MCMC Chain
md.pattern.sirtResponse Pattern in a Binary Matrix
mgsemEstimation of Multiple-Group Structural Equation Models
mirt.specify.partableSpecify or modify a Parameter Table in 'mirt'
mirt.wrapperSome Functions for Wrapping with the 'mirt' Package
mle.pcm.groupMaximum Likelihood Estimation of Person or Group Parameters...
modelfit.sirtAssessing Model Fit and Local Dependence by Comparing...
monoreg.rowwiseMonotone Regression for Rows or Columns in a Matrix
nedelsky.simFunctions for the Nedelsky Model
noharm.sirtNOHARM Model in R
np.dichNonparametric Estimation of Item Response Functions
parmsummary_extendIncludes Confidence Interval in Parameter Summary Table
pbivnorm2Cumulative Function for the Bivariate Normal Distribution
pcm.conversionConversion of the Parameterization of the Partial Credit...
pcm.fitItem and Person Fit Statistics for the Partial Credit Model
personfit.statPerson Fit Statistics for the Rasch Model
person.parameter.rasch.copulaPerson Parameter Estimation of the Rasch Copula Model...
pgenlogisCalculation of Probabilities and Moments for the Generalized...
plausible.value.imputation.raschtypePlausible Value Imputation in Generalized Logistic Item...
plot.mcmc.sirtPlot Function for Objects of Class 'mcmc.sirt' Method for Object of Class 'np.dich'
polychoric2Polychoric Correlation
prior_model_parseParsing a Prior Model
prmse.subscores.scalesProportional Reduction of Mean Squared Error (PRMSE) for...
prob.guttmanProbabilistic Guttman Model
Q3Estimation of the Q_3 Statistic (Yen, 1984)
Q3.testletQ_3 Statistic of Yen (1984) for Testlets
qmc.nodesCalculation of Quasi Monte Carlo Integration Points
R2conquestRunning ConQuest From Within R
R2noharmEstimation of a NOHARM Analysis from within R
R2noharm.EAPEAP Factor Score Estimation
R2noharm.jackknifeJackknife Estimation of NOHARM Analysis
rasch.copulaMultidimensional IRT Copula Model
rasch.evm.pcmEstimation of the Partial Credit Model using the Eigenvector...
rasch.jmlJoint Maximum Likelihood (JML) Estimation of the Rasch Model
rasch.jml.biascorrBias Correction of Item Parameters for Joint Maximum...
rasch.jml.jackknife1Jackknifing the IRT Model Estimated by Joint Maximum...
rasch.mirtlcMultidimensional Latent Class 1PL and 2PL Model
rasch.mmlEstimation of the Generalized Logistic Item Response Model,...
rasch.pairwisePairwise Estimation Method of the Rasch Model
rasch.pairwise.itemclusterPairwise Estimation of the Rasch Model for Locally Dependent...
rasch.pml3Pairwise Marginal Likelihood Estimation for the Probit Rasch...
rasch.proxPROX Estimation Method for the Rasch Model
rasch.vaEstimation of the Rasch Model with Variational Approximation
reliability.nonlinearSEMEstimation of Reliability for Confirmatory Factor Analyses...
resp_groupwiseCreates Group-Wise Item Response Dataset
rinvgamma2Inverse Gamma Distribution in Prior Sample Size...
rm.facetsRater Facets Models with Item/Rater Intercepts and Slopes
rm.sdtHierarchical Rater Model Based on Signal Detection Theory...
rmvnSimulation of a Multivariate Normal Distribution with Exact...
scale_group_meansScaling of Group Means and Standard Deviations
sia.sirtStatistical Implicative Analysis (SIA)
sim.qm.ramsaySimulate from Ramsay's Quotient Model
sim.rasch.depSimulation of the Rasch Model with Locally Dependent...
sim.raschtypeSimulate from Generalized Logistic Item Response Model
sirt-defunctDefunct 'sirt' Functions
sirt_eigenvaluesFirst Eigenvalues of a Symmetric Matrix
sirt-packageSupplementary Item Response Theory Models
sirt-utilitiesUtility Functions in 'sirt'
smirtMultidimensional Noncompensatory, Compensatory and Partially...
stratified.cronbach.alphaStratified Cronbach's Alpha
summary.mcmc.sirtSummary Method for Objects of Class 'mcmc.sirt'
tam2mirtConverting a fitted 'TAM' Object into a 'mirt' Object
testlet.marginalizedMarginal Item Parameters from a Testlet (Bifactor) Model
tetrachoric2Tetrachoric Correlation Matrix
truescore.irtConversion of Trait Scores theta into True Scores tau ( theta...
unidim.test.csnTest for Unidimensionality of CSN
wle.raschWeighted Likelihood Estimation of Person Abilities
wle.rasch.jackknifeStandard Error Estimation of WLE by Jackknifing
xxirtUser Defined Item Response Model
xxirt_createParTableCreate Item Response Functions and Item Parameter Table
xxirt_createThetaDistributionCreates a User Defined Theta Distribution
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